My “Blonde” Crisis AKA My Less Than 24 Hours “Blonde”

Mum if you’re reading this please don’t shout at me k? (She doesn’t know it even happened).

So a  Friday a couple weeks back I impulsively walked in to a hair salon and had my full head of hair bleached. My hair was black to begin with so for anyone that knows the ins and outs of bleaching – this was going to take a while (4/5 hours to be exact) Cha-ching! Cha-ching!

But anyway 4 to almost 5 hours later I walked out the hair salon with my “blonde” hair that was actually orange. I immediately hated it. You know when you sit in the hairdresser chair with the black cape and you stare in the mirror like “Is this what I actually look like? How do I have friends?” it felt like that.

Sin Rostro – Jane The Virgin

This may sound like a cliche or you might be thinking WTF that’s so vain! But honestly I didn’t know myself or what I was about. Everyone has their own aesthetic and mine is long dark hair, thick eyebrows and bitch face. I couldn’t stop thinking about how awful I looked even though everyone was giving me compliments for it and calling me Sin Rostro from Jane The Virgin (left). But I just didn’t feel attractive or comfortable – it felt like a existential crisis and it’s just how I felt.

We then strolled over to Kasbah in a drunken state and I had forgotten about my hair. We paid entry and then went to the toilets, I looked in the mirror and was so confused, paranoid and the whole thing partially ruined my night.

Long story short I had no sleep that night and the dreams I had consisted of me either pulling out my hair, shaving my head, having panic attacks or just feeling awful. I told myself to just leave my hair and I’ll eventually get used to it – like a haircut. But I just couldn’t cope and walking around town with my orange hair made me feel so upset, I ran to boots and purchased 3 boxes of hair dye and the damage was done. I just tell myself that even though I spent the cash bleaching it in the first place, I have saved myself money because my hair grows so quickly and I would have to spend a fortune on having my roots bleached and buying various hair care products.

To conclude, I wasted my own money but at least now I know that I am a brunette through and through and that my family are going to shout at me when they read this 🙂 yay.


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